ISO certification

PLG is an ISO 17100 Certified Translation Provider


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ISO Certification Document

What is ISO?

ISO is the International Standards Organization, which creates requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.

In this case the 17100 certification is specific to the translation industry, and it establishes and defines the translator, their technical resources and quality of service. Its aim is to outline the service a client will receive within a recognized set of procedures that are carried out to best practice.

How do you become Certified?

The certification process for ISO generally requires that a 3rd party provides an extensive audit of your company ensuring that you comply with all standards, as well as have documentation to support the continuation of all processes.

At PLG we have always had very high standards for our procedures and workflows, as well as strict requirements for translator qualifications. Luckily this helped make the ISO certification process quite painless for our team. After a consultation by industry specialists, it was noted that our company was already compliant with 99% of the standards required for the ISO certification.

With a few minor adjustments, and appropriate documentation of our procedures we underwent a compete audit and passed, officially becoming an ISO 17100 certified translation provider.

What does this mean?

While our translation procedures did not need to be changed in any serious ways to comply with the standard, the process greatly benefited us by offering the opportunity to reflect on our internal structures, areas for improvement, and challenges we have faced.

We have updated and streamlined our internal processes, while keeping extensive documentation and records to continuously improve our staff training for both current and future PLG team members. This will ensure that all our clients continue to receive the best possible service across all projects.