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Software Localization Overview

Since 2000, PLG has leveraged our expertise and experiences with translation and typesetting to offer software localization and web page localization services to our customers. PLG localizes various types of software applications ranging from web development to engineering tools to machine instructions and online help.

For technical applications where interactive software has been developed as a design or operating tool, PLG can localize your custom software to be easily used by those in other locations around the world.? The custom software remains functionally the same: only the user interface changes to allow users to use the tool more easily and accurately.

PLG is a leader in the following software engineering fields:

  • Windows Programming in C/C++/SDK/MFC;
  • Windows Programming in .Net with C#, C++ and VB.Net;
  • Windows Programming in VB 6;
  • Various Tagged File Formats Including INX, XML, Etc.
  • Programming in Java;
  • Web Application in ASP and ASP.Net;
  • Programming in Flash;
  • Asian Fonts Development and Commercialization
  • Applications in Multi-language Operating Environments

PLG’s localization team has rich experiences in using the following localization tools:

  • WorldServer
  • Catalyst
  • Passolo
  • LocStudio
  • Heartsome
  • SDLX
  • Suntrans
  • RoboHelp

The above expertise enables PLG to engage in localization of a wide range of applications.

For more information about our software localization services, please contact a PLG professional today.

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