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Overview of our Spanish Business Card Translation Services

PLG translates your English business cards into Spanish, turning them into bilingual business cards: English on one side and Spanish on the other. Our Spanish translation professionals have experience in translating for both the Latin American and European Spanish-speaking markets, which largely include Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Spanish Business Card Samples

The following is a sample of a business card that we have translated into Spanish. Please note that we have changed the business card information on the samples below to respect the privacy of the business card holder.

English side

English side

Spanish side

Spanish side

English side

English side

Spanish side

Spanish side

We offer a one-stop service that includes the translation, typesetting and printing of your cards. For pricing information, request a free, no-obligation quote.

To find out more information about our business card translation services, including viewing some samples, testimonials and additional details, please visit our general Business Card Translation page.

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Why use PLG to translate your business cards into Spanish?

Since the year 2000, PLG has completed more than 15,000 business card orders, averaging out at 1,500 per year. The reason: our customers keep coming back. Below are a few things that make PLG's Spanish business card translation services unique and attractive to our customers:

  • We have Spanish translators familiar with your industry. Our translators come from the U.S., Spain and Latin America and understand the industries of each country. Our business card translator for Spanish, Franklin, has over 20 years of translation experience for the business sector.
  • We have an in-house business card typesetting team. This allows for a quick turnaround, and prompt revisions when required.
  • We have a proven track record. Our clients include national Fortune 500 companies from Motorola to Pepsi and Best Buy. We also provide services to small businesses including walk-in services to those within the Chicagoland area.
  • We print your business cards. We have partnered with a local printing company to provide you low cost, high quality business cards at a quick turnaround -- a one-stop solution when you need to translate your business cards.
  • We can customize your order. You can order virtually any quantity of business cards, which include translation, typesetting and printing or any combination of these services.
  • We have an efficient terminology database. Our business card database allows for the storing of translations of names, titles, department and company names which allow our translators to provide accurate and culturally correct translations. Over the past 18 years, we have stored translations from a large variety of industries and companies.

For more reasons to why you should use PLG to translate your business cards into Spanish, please contact a PLG sales representative today.

Tips when translating business cards into Spanish

When translating into Spanish, you want to ensure that your business cards are targeted for the proper market. Linguists often like to categorize Spanish into larger umbrellas, which may help marketers target a larger community of Spanish speakers. Below are the categories:

  • Central American Spanish – Particularly Mexico, for use in Central America or where large Central American populations reside.
  • European Spanish, Peninsular or Iberian Spanish - For use in Spain, most specifically the Spanish spoken in the area in and around Madrid.
  • South American Spanish – Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.
  • Caribbean Spanish - spoken in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and along the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America, and in major U.S. coastal cities such as Miami and New York.
  • Latin American Spanish – a much larger umbrella category to refer to the Spanish spoken in all of Latin America and in the United States.

Please note that Spanish is a diverse language and at times you may need to identify a more specific location. Also note that differences in Spanish also depend on the industry. Letting us know the intended destination of your Spanish business cards would result in the best translation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Business Card Client Testimonials

Read below to see what our customers have to say about our business card translation services.


"Excellent communication. Able to meet a tight deadline. Execution was flawless for this project. Keep up the good work." – Steve C., October 2012

Protocol Partners

"Very easy to provide information for quote/order and received a follow up call to let me know that all info was received and able to process." – Nancy M., June 2012


"Very professional, delivered quality business cards on time. Very easy to do business with." – Matt S., May 2012


"Very courteous and knowledgeable. This was my first encounter with PLG and my request was somewhat unusual as well as timely and you handled it beautifully!" – Anonymous, March 2012


"Very responsive. Pricing competitive. Quick Turn Around...can't ask for more!"
– Cheryl B, February, 2012

Gerri S.

"It is always a pleasure working with your company. Everyone is very kind, quick, and efficient. That's why we only come to you :)" Gerri S., February 2012

A. Fassano & Company

"Thank you so much. You guys are THE BEST. Not sure when I will need these services again - but you have a customer for life!" – Warren. P, December 2011


"I just wanted to extend Boeing's gratitude out to you, your colleagues and translators. They are just thrilled and so thankful of your quick response." Akiko N., November 2011

Simio LLC

"We were so impressed with the professionalism of Precision Language & Graphics.  Not only did the quality of the finished business cards exceed my expectation, but the assistance of yourself and the staff made the process so easy.  I would recommend your services to anyone looking for high quality professional service with a quick turnaround period.  Thank you again for all of your assistance." – Christie Miller

Design Matters

"I am quite pleased with the cards you sent me. I will certainly contact you first the next time I need business cards." – Del Coates

Business Card Service, Inc

"Thank you for turning this one around so quickly. I'm always impressed with the service you provide and I really appreciate what you do for us" – Jeff K, Account Manager

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