Translation Services

Professional Translation Services in 60+ Languages since 1994

Overview of our Translation Services


If your company or organization is trying to expand its products or services to international markets, or if you are trying to reach non-English speakers within your community, Precision Language & Graphics possesses the capabilities to help you reach these goals.

PLG, an ISO 17100 Certified Company, offers services in more than 60 languages, including Chinese, Spanish and French. Our translators possess skills in a diverse set of fields, including engineering, medical, legal, education, marketing and technical translation. We offer translation and typesetting services for labels and packaging, documents such as technical manuals, certificates and diplomas and just about anything else you can think of.

Our localization services include localization of web pages, software and multimedia.

We also offer international compliance review services for the Canadian market.

To find out more about the services we offer, please contact a PLG sales professional at (800) 760-1688.

PLG exceeds High-Quality Standards in Translation

PLG is a corporate member of the American Translators Association and is bonded and insured. Our translators meet high professional standards and follow guidelines in translation so you may rest assured that your translations are of high quality and translated by only the best in the industry.

Our translators hold the highest qualifications in the industry. To translate for PLG, we require our translators to:

  1. Be native speakers of the target language and have fluency in the source language
  2. Have advanced degrees or equivalent experience in their fields
  3. Have ATA or other industry certification
  4. Be proficient users of translation tools such as TRADOS, WordFast, and other industry-leading software
  5. Have extensive cultural experience and competence

For more information about our ATA membership, visit our ATA membership page at the ATA.




We offer translation services in more than 60 languages. Below is the full list of languages that we offer:

French Spanish Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional)
Japanese Arabic German Korean
Portuguese Italian Polish Bulgarian
Russian Romanian Croatian Czech
Dutch English Filipino Greek
Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Lithuanian
Norwegian Serbian Slovenian Ukrainian
Afrikaans Albanian Belarusian Catalan
Danish Esperanto Estonian Finnish
Galician Haitian Creole Hindi Icelandic
Irish Latvian Macedonian Malay
Maltese Persian Slovak Swahili
Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese
Welsh Yiddish Hmong Laotian
Tagalog Cambodian Farsi Urdu
Gujarati Cantonese Surinamese Punjabi
      and more...

Industries that we cover

Advertising Arts and Crafts Banking/Financial Certificates
Cosmetics, Beauty Diplomas Education & Training Electronics
Engineering Farming Food Household Goods
Human Resources (HR) Government IT Insurance
Internet, e-Commerce Legal Marketing Material
Materials Medical Medical Public Relations
Retail Technology Tourism Gaming
      and many more...

Our Services

PLG is a Leader in Label and Packaging Translation

PLG has been offering translation services for the packaging industry since 1994 for a variety of different purposes, including consumer goods, beauty and cosmetics, food and beverage, retail and many more. PLG's in-house graphics design team is capable of working with a very wide variety of file types as well.

PLG is an approved label translation service vendor for Walmart, Inc. and Michaels Stores, Inc., providing French and Spanish translations for many products sold in their stores.

Find out more about our label translation services...

In-house Localization & Typesetting Capabilities

PLG’s in-house designers are proficient users of multi-language versions of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, QuarkXPress and many other software platforms. We have localized various types of software applications and file types, including engineering tools, machine instructions, user interfaces and online help. Other capabilities include audio and visual voiceover/dubbing (multimedia) and localization of web pages. Learn more about our services by clicking on the links below.

Technical Translation of Operation Manuals, MSDS, CAD Files and more

Precision Language & Graphics has nearly 20 years of experience in producing technical translations in more than 60 languages for various industries.

Technical translations often have a much more in-depth scope of work than other translations. Read about some tips for improving your technical translation experience here .

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Business Card Translation, Typesetting, and Printing...

PLG has been providing business card translation and typesetting services since 1994 to individuals, companies, printers and major stationary manufacturers. The business saw a major expansion in the year 2005 and continued to grow, reaching 1,500 business card translations in 2008. We offer business card translation services in more than 60 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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Certified and Notarized Certificate and Document Translation

Your birth certificates, marriage certificates, legal status and immigration papers and diplomas are all critical and important documents. Accurate translation is the key to making these certificates meaningful and authentic when used in a new language environment. Our certified translation professionals are able to translate and notarize your documents quickly.

The majority of foreign language documents that PLG translates to English are used for immigration or similar legal government purposes. Over our many years of service, we have not had an English translation turned down for use by the United States government or U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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Our Translator Partners

PLG has a global network of more than 1,500 translators in more than 60 languages. Many of them have been working with us since we started in 1994 and continue to do so because of their outstanding performance, commitment to the highest quality of service and on-time delivery. To learn more, please visit our translator partners page.

Translation Memory

Translation Memory (TM) is commercial software that assists our translators in order to decrease costs, provide greater consistency, increase productivity and accuracy and turn around projects much quicker, all while maintaining the high quality translation you expect. To learn more, please visit our translation memory page.

Our Translation Methodology

We take pride in our translation process. We have created a diagram showing each and every step of the way. Please visit our translation methodology page to find out more.