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Overview of our Web Site Translation and Localization Services

Domestic firms have begun to take advantage of the web’s global access by transforming their English sites into Multilingual Web Sites. Out of the world's 1.6 billion internet users, only 500 million of those are speakers of the English language. Presenting your content in another language allows your message to be delivered to more of the world's internet users.

WebPrecision Language and Graphics has been providing translation services since 1994 and has since expanded into providing web site translation and localization services for more than 60 languages and various industries.

Client Testimonial: HydraForce, Inc.

PLG was able to help HydraForce, Inc. reach 1.5 billion people by localizing their website into Simplified Chinese. Below is what they said about our services:

"I thought your localization was very cost-effective and efficient... you have really gone above and beyond, and we appreciate it. Thanks again for all the great work."

For more information about our web site localization services, contact a PLG Localization representative today. If you need a quotation, please visit our 5 Things to Consider Page before requesting a Quick Quote.

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Search Engine Optimization

We go the extra mile by making sure that your pages are optimized for the world’s leading search engines, and that meta data tags such as titles, page descriptions and keywords are all translated and accessible to the world's leading search engines. Some of the top foreign language search engines include:

Ask* Ayna (Arabic) Abacho (German)* (Chinese)
Bing* Google* Goo (Japanese) Terra (Spanish)
Yahoo!* (French) Yandex (Russian) Aol*
      And more…

*Search engines marked with an asterisk have multilingual support



Due to our expansive network of translators, we are able to offer website localization services in over 60 languages, including:

French Spanish Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional)
Japanese Arabic German Korean
Portuguese Italian Polish Bulgarian
Russian Romanian Croatian Czech
Dutch English Filipino Greek
Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Lithuanian
Norwegian Serbian Slovenian Ukrainian
Afrikaans Albanian Belarusian Catalan
Danish Esperanto Estonian Finnish
Galician Haitian Creole Hindi Icelandic
Irish Latvian Macedonian Malay
Maltese Persian Slovak Swahili
Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese
Welsh Yiddish Hmong Laotian
Tagalog Cambodian Farsi Urdu
Gujarati Cantonese Surinamese Punjabi
      and more...

Tools that we work with include:

Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Acrobat
Flash Dreamweaver Fireworks Contribute
Microsoft Visual Studio HTML, XTHML XML JavaScript
MSSQL MySQL Apache Windows Server
PHP Perl CSS and many more…


5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Web Localization Project

Below are 5 things to consider for your next web translation or localization project. We suggest that you review this page before you begin, as doing so will facilitate the quotation and the project workflow. Considering these questions on the onset will avoid delays during the completion of the project.

1. Identify the language and region for which you want your website to be translated

If you indicate your target language and region, this will allow us to choose the right translator to translate your website. Common languages such as Chinese, French, Spanish and Arabic may vary depending on the region. For example, if you want your website translated for internet users in Canada, we would assign a Canadian French translator from Quebec that is familiar with your industry or products.

2. Identify a project deadline and delivery option

The translation or localization of websites is normally not a “quick” turnaround process. Yet communicating your deadlines to us can allow us to create a project timeline for you that we will stick to, and will allow your project to be delivered to you ready to launch. Communicating the delivery method (FTP, e-mail, DVD, etc.) will ensure that your project is delivered properly as well.

3. Identify your project type: “translation only” or “full-scale localization”

Translation-only: Translation only is an option if you only want the text of the website provided to you, often via a word file or other text-based application. This option is best if you already have someone that will be implementing the translations onto your web page and is familiar with foreign-language localization. This person may often be the one providing the text that needs to be translated in the right format.

Full-Scale Localization: Our full-scale localization option, on the other hand, includes the translation AND the implementation of the translation on your web pages. PLG has an in-house multilingual typesetting and localization team that is familiar with foreign language localization, including Asian and European language fonts and language style.

4. How to provide us with your content so we can quote or begin the project promptly when full–scale localization is needed

There are three general localization procedures that we follow and providing us with the necessary content may vary for each. Please note that your web site may have many overlapping qualities of the following, but below are some basic procedures that you can take.

Note: Has your website already been localized to another language? If yes, we may be able to follow the proven working process to proceed.

For websites with static content (most simple websites): If your website is “static”, that is – it is based on HTML pages that only contain images, CSS JavaScript and other common media; we may be able to use a downloader to “grab” your pages for quotation purposes, and in some cases, to begin localizing your website. Ultimately a “prepackaged” zip file would be preferred when the project begins. Yet if there is any media that needs to be localized as well (images, video, flash files, audio) we would need the original source files sent to us as well. This “prepackaged” zip file can be sent to us via our PLG FTP.

For websites with server-side code: Server-side based localization includes the localization of ASP, PHP or other non-client based scripts. Our downloader software may be able to download your pages and convert them to HTML for quotation purposes but ultimately we would need the original source files as a downloader cannot download them ready for localization. If your website contains a shopping cart or any other database such as MySQL or SQL Server, you may have the option to provide us an excel file/text file with your product listing and category information. Any other content would then be provided to as a zip file sent to us via FTP.

For websites managed by a Content Management System (CMS): It is fairly common to have your website managed by a Content Management System (CMS). The process may depend on each CMS provider. Some CMS software applications already have localization options and others have to be modified via a plug-in. Supplying the name of the CMS provider and the back-end login of your site will allow us to properly determine the amount of work that will be necessary to localize your project before the project begins and during the localization process. Some CMS software applications have the option to provide a separate “read-only” login, if you are concerned about the security of your website. Ultimately, however; we will need full-editing rights if we are to localize your website via the CMS option.

5. Can you supply a glossary of the most important terms in your industry?

Providing us a glossary will allow us to do some market research before we begin translating. This glossary should contain the most commonly used terms found on your web pages that you deem important to your company. If you have used the “keywords” Meta tag on your web pages, this can often be a good reference to begin your project glossary.

Providing us with the information above before the project begins will ensure that you are quoted properly and that the project begins smoothly. If you feel you have all the necessary information to supply to us, you can request a free no-obligation quote or contact a PLG representative at (847) 413-1688 or Toll Free at (800) 760-1688.

Tip: If your budget does not allow for translating your entire website, you can choose only your important pages or content to translate. A PLG representative may be able to help you choose which content to translate.