Bridge Morton in China

A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that China’s government is chipping away at the country’s millennia-old salt monopoly, scrapping controls on the price and distribution of edible salt. China’s expansive chemical industry and the dietary needs of its 1.4 billion people make it is the largest consumer of salt in the world. The country is also projected to be the fastest-growing salt importer and to remain the fastest-growing major national market as a result of the robust expansion of its economy.  

Morton Salt, the largest salt manufacturer in North America, has formed a joint venture with the China National Salt (Shanghai) Salt Company. Their strategic collaboration aims to expand the iconic Morton® brand, product offerings and technologies in China.  
Since 2012, Dr. Eric Zhang, managing director at PLG, has been retained by Morton as the business consultant and interpreter to support Morton’s expansion in China. He travels to China with Morton’s CEO and other corporate officers to attend business meetings. Eric’s knowledge in business strategy, planning, supply chain, engineering, and quality–not to mention his fluency in English and Chinese–helps to bridge communication between partners and provides valuable insights from both a cultural and business perspective.    

As Niles H, Vice Chairman, JV, Morton Salt, Inc., puts it, “Eric Zhang of Precision Language and Graphics provides effective interpreting services for us with our Chinese colleagues and promptly delivers exceptional translations. He has diplomatically provided Morton with key insights into nuances of communication that made our meetings successful.” 

Such a recent trip to China allowed Eric to visit the Yellow Mountain with his son, Max, who is a Chicago dancer.  This video shows him practicing his art with one of the most beautiful mountains in the world as background. 

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