Eric, pictured above, is our in-house Chinese interpreter and US-China business consultant. He has previously worked as an R&D engineer, manufacturing manager, supply chain and marketing operations manager at several Fortune 500 companies, including neighboring Motorola and the world-leading manufacturing service provider Foxconn. 

Since 2008 he has been engaged in managing two business entities of his own: Precision Language & Graphics, Inc. and CEC Xtal-USA where he is responsible for the company’s U.S. sales and technical support. 

With over 20 years of general and technical translation and interpretation experience, combined with his in-depth engineering, manufacturing and business management knowledge, Eric’s interpreting services are characterized by cultural sensitivity, solution oriented discipline and value producing to clients. Not only does he bridge the communications between the parties involved but he also actively seeks solutions and negotiates, upon clients’ request. 

Eric’s engineering, manufacturing and general management experiences are continually applied to every client partnership. Eric holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University. 


  1. Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 清华大学
    a. Lecturer, 1985-1987 助教
  2. Motorola, Component Products Division, Schaumburg, IL 摩托罗拉
    a. Product Development Engineer, 1991-1998 产品开发工程师
  3. CTS Corporation, Bloomingdale, IL, 1999-2002 西迪斯
    a. Engineering Project Manager 工程项目经理
    b. Factory Manager (18 month expatriate assignment in Tianjin, China) 制造部经理
    c. Development Engineering Manager 产品开发部经理
  4. Foxconn, Buffalo Grove, IL 富士康
    a. Manager, Business Development and Motorola Account, 2003-2005 客户开发经理
  5. Motorola, Mobile Devices, Libertyville, IL, 2005-2008 摩托罗拉
    a. Supply Chain Manager 供应链经理
    b. Product Marketing Operation Manager 产品市场运营经理
  6. CEC Xtal, Schaumburg, IL, 2009 – 南京中电熊猫晶体技术公司美国办公室
    a. Director, Business Development and Technical Support, Americas 北、南美洲业务开发
  7. Precision Language & Graphics, Inc, 1994 – 精美图文
    a. Owner and General Manager 总经理


• MBA, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Lake Forest, IL.(In process)
• Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, 1995 西北大学,美国伊利诺伊州
• M. Sc., Structural Engineering, Syracuse University, 1989 锡拉丘斯大学,美国纽约州
• M.E., Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), 1985 清华大学,中国北京


  1. Manufacturing
    a. Cascade Corporation (Ohio)
    b. Wes-Tech Automation Solutions (St. Charles, IL)
    c. Oshkosh Corporation (Oshkosh, WI)
  2. Technical and Engineering Training
    a. Dual-language technical training/class teaching – Motorola University certified trainer
    b. On-site coordination of industrial equipment operation training:
    i. Ingersoll (Rockford, IL): Heavy metal cutting equipment inspection and receiving
    by buyer
    ii. Ark Technologies Inc (St. Charles, IL): Automation processing equipment
    operation training
    iii. Dial Soap (Aurora, IL): Packaging equipment operation training
    c. Education: Carthage College (Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
  3. M&A, Joint Venture
    a. Ryerson (Chicago, IL)
    b. UBS (Chicago, IL)
    c. Morton Salt (Chicago, IL)
    d. Whirlpool (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
    e. American Airlines (Chicago, IL)
  4. Software Testing
    a. Panduit Corporation (Tinley Park, IL)
    b. Roche (Schaumburg, IL)
    c. Siemens (Hoffman Estates, IL)


  1. Manufacturing
    Statistical Process Control (SPC), 5S-Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, Lean Manufacturing, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Process Engineering (Stamping, molding, painting, assembly, testing, …), Problem Solving, Yield Improvement, Cost Model
  2. Human Resource
    Employee relationship, Work Force Retaining, Employee Orientation, Employee Development, Performance Evaluation, Recruiting and Hiring, Promotion, Coaching, Compensation and Payroll, Retirement, Healthcare, Child Support, Incentive Models and Plans, Employee and Leadership Training, Exit Interview
  3. Product Development
    Design for Manufacturability, Design of Experiments (DOE), Theoretical Analysis, Numerical Simulation, Finite Element Analysis and Modeling, Design Reviews, Design Procedures, Patent Application and Mining, Engineering Management
  4. Quality Assurance
    6-Sigma, Incoming Material Quality Control (IQC), In Process Quality Control (IPQC), Final Quality Control (FQC), Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), Prado and Histogram Charts, Root Cause Analysis, Containment and Permanent Solution, 8D Report, First article
  5. Technical Training
    Training Plan, Trainer’s Professional Qualification and Background (Designer, Operator, Coach), Trainer’s Responsibility, Trainees, Training Scope (Operating, Repairing, Maintenance), Equipment, Materials, Support (On-site, Manufacturer Remote Support), Trial Runs, Sample Building, Acceptance Criteria (Run Rate, Quality Level, Material Consumption, etc)
  6. Operations and General Management
    P&L, Business Plan, Sales, Marketing, M&A, Joint Venture
  7. Finance
    Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Balance Sheet, ROI, IBTI, Retained Earnings, Inventory, Net Profit, Gross Margin, Administration Overhead, Audit, FOB, CIF


  1. Morton Salt, Inc.
    “Eric Zhang of Precision Language and Graphics provides effective interpreting services for us with our Chinese colleagues and promptly delivers exceptional translations. He attended meetings and functions with our Chinese partners where he diplomatically provided Morton with key insights into nuances of communication that made our meetings successful.” — Niles H, Vice Chairman, JV, Morton Salt, Inc., 2012
  2. Darianna N
    “… By the way, you received glowing feedback from that exchange program/study abroad client!” — Darianna N, Chicago, IL, 2011
  3. Ryerson Inc
    “Thank you for all of your assistance last week. Our executives were very happy with your work and I am sure if the need arises, we will call you again!” — Barb C. Executive Assistant, Ryerson, Inc., Chicago, IL, 2010
  4. Ingersoll Machine Tools
    “I had the opportunity to recently to use Eric Zhang as an interpreter for a group of (10) customers that I had visit for a time period of 2 weeks. Eric was extremely helpful in not only translating what was said, but also in helping to insure that the communication was understood by both parties. Wither the subject was contractual or technical, Eric was able to perform the translation and put our minds at ease. In addition to the translation, Eric also was able to assist in explaining the culture, and help our company to put our best foot forward.” — Dan H. Project Manager, Ingersoll Machine Tools, Rockford, IL, 2009