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Overview of our Label and Packaging Translation Services

Precision Language & Graphics, an ISO 17100 Certified Company, understands that if you wish to export your products overseas or are trying to penetrate the Spanish-speaking market in the U.S., you will need bilingual or even multilingual packaging. PLG can help you stay ahead of the competition by providing a diverse set of packaging services, including translation and typesetting.

Case Study: Walmart and Michaels Stores


PLG is an approved label translation service vendor for Walmart, Inc. and Michaels Stores, Inc providing French and Spanish translations for a wide range of their product lines for the North American market.

Walmart's 6,300 stores in the U.S. have tens of thousands of their consumer products carrying bilingual English-Spanish product labels to appeal to the rapidly growing Spanish-speaking market in the United States. Walmart and Michaels Stores also use bilingual English and French packaging for products sold in their 400 plus stores in Canada. PLG became an approved vendor for Walmart stores after a rigorous selection process in 2007 and Michaels Stores in 2008. We have since translated and typeset thousands of labels for both companies. We are proud to say that as a trusted translation vender, there has been not a work day passed without certain translations being sent to Walmart from PLG in the past 10 years.

Case Study: Homedics


In May of 2017, Precision Language and Graphics became an approved translation vendor for HoMedics, Inc.

A household name and world leader in personal wellness, HoMedics manufactures some of the world’s best known products in personal health, wellness, and electronics in more than 60 countries.

Our team was quickly put to work translating packaging content, and user manuals for products being sold across North America. PLG has translated hundreds of thousands of words into French and Spanish for HoMedics, and continue to support their language needs on a daily basis.


Below are some of the clients that have used PLG's packaging translation services.


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Why Should You Choose PLG as Your Label Translation Service Provider?

  • Culturally correct translations. Our professional translators hold vast cultural experience in a particular market or target language, such as Mexican Spanish and Canadian French.
  • Bilingual project managers. All of our project managers are bilingual, with a thorough understanding of the translation process.
  • In-house bilingual typesetting team. This allows for a quick turnaround, and prompt revisions when required.
  • High Quality. Our translations are clear, concise and consistent and made specifically for labels and packaging.
  • Quick turnaround. We offer quick 48 hour, 24 hour and same day turnarounds for standard projects.
  • Competitive pricing. Our lean and efficient operation ensures competitive costs and saves your company money.
  • Industry-leading Translation Memory (TM) software. Our translators utilize TM software to provide low-cost, high-quality translations quickly.
  • Active client partnership. We welcome edits and feedback from your staff or third-party reviewers. PLG will analyze and incorporate all input into the final translation free of charge.
  • Covered by E&O Professional Liability Insurance. We are covered by Underwriters at Lloyd's of London.

Samples of Completed Packaging Translations

Below, you can find some samples of previous label/packaging projects that we have translated and typeset. Label types include food and beverage, home goods and furniture, beauty and cosmetics, and consumer electronics. Please contact us if you would like to see sample packaging translations from other industries.

Food, Beverage and Agriculture


Kirkland Signature Label


Kirkland Back

Product: Delacre Belgian Biscuit Selection
Language: Bilingual (English/Japanese)
Brand: Kirkland Signature (Costco)
Category: Food label


Product: Soypreme Soybean Oil
Language: Spanish
Brand: Mariani
Category: Food label


Mariani Cranberry



Product: Mariani Cranberries
Language: Japanese
Brand: Mariani
Category: Food label


Product: ANZhealth Protein Powder
Language: Chinese
Brand: ANZhealth
Category: Food and Health label

Empire National

Product: Kosher Beef Frankfurters
Language: Bilingual (French/Spanish)
Brand: Empire National
Category: Food label

Cheesecake Factory

Product: Chocolate Fudge Cake
Language: Bilingual (English/Spanish)
Brand: The Cheesecake Factory
Category: Food label

Home Goods, Furniture


Product: Odor eliminator
Language: Bilingual (English/French)
Brand: Snuggle
Category: Home Goods

Holiday Time Sample

Product: Porcelain Dinnerware Set
Language: Bilingual (English/Spanish)
Brand: Holiday Time (for Walmart)
Category: Home Goods

Shower head

Product: Showerhead Combo Pack
Language: Spanish
Brand: aquadyne (for Home Depot)
Category: Home Goods

Better Homes and Gardens Sample

Product: Atlantic Stripe Window Panel
Language: Bilingual (English/Spanish)
Brand: BH&G (for Walmart)
Category: Home Goods

Bin Warehouse

Product: Bin Warehouse Storage
Language: French
Brand: Albern Enterprises
Category: Home Goods


Beauty and Cosmetics

Perfect Results

Product: Hair Care
Language: Korean
Brand: Perfect Results
Category: Beauty and Cosmetics

Burt's Bees

Product: Body Lotion
Language: Multilingual (Fr, Sp, Gr, It)
Brand: Burt's Bees
Category: Beauty and Cosmetics

facelift cream

Product: Face lift freeze cream
Language: Chinese
Brand: University Medical
Beauty and Cosmetics


Consumer Electronics

mini tablet

Product: 7" Mini Tablet Starter Kit
Language: Bilingual (English/French)
Brand: Sylvania
Category: Consumer Electronics


Language: Chinese
Brand: Motorola
Category: Consumer Electronics


Product: Cellular
Language: Spanish
Brand: AT&T
Category: Consumer Electronics


Product: Cellular
Language: Spanish
Brand: Nokia
Category: Consumer Electronics

Experience in Translating Packaging for a Wide Variety of Industries

PLG has been translating for a wide variety of industries including the retail, consumer goods and advertising industries for the North American, European and Asian markets. These include retail clothing, furniture, arts and crafts, beauty and cosmetics and home goods. We have also translated packaging for food and beverage labels which often include nutrition information, ingredient information and recipes.

For samples of retail and consumer goods packaging that we have translated in the past, please click on the "samples" tab above. Below is an overview of the industries we commonly translate for:

Consumer goods
Business goods Food and beverage labels Retail clothing
Beauty and cosmetics Arts and crafts Consumer electronics, gaming Home goods, furniture
Prescription drug labels Care labels Warning labels Clothing labels
Consumer electronics Home appliances Cleaning products And many more

For more information about the industries that we serve, please do not hesitate to contact a PLG sales professional today.

Our Label Translation Process

Below is our standard process for label and packaging translation projects. Your project may vary, for example; if you only need translation services and have an art file, you may provide the art file so we can extract the text for you. For a review of our general translation methodology, please review our translation methodology diagram.


Label Translation Flow Chart

Art Files

We accept files in most popular formats, including Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, PDF, EPS and QuarkXPress. For a more thorough list of file types that we work with, please visit our typesetting page.

Word files

Microsoft Word allows us to use various review and formatting tools. It also allows us to organize the translation in a 2-column language format. For most projects that only require translation, we will deliver them as word files that contain the formatting below. Below is an example of a Chinese text translated into English.

Professional Translation


Translation Memory

PLG uses industry-recognized commercial software, facilitated by its in-house project managers, to provide you translation memory-assisted translation services. Consistency and cost savings are the major benefits of using translation memory software. For more information about how PLG uses translation memory, please visit our translation memory page.

Client Communication and Delivery

The client has the option to send us the file through e-mail (if less than 10 MB) or our FTP, and final delivery of the project would use the same method. Please contact us for our FTP information or visit our file transfer page for other methods of file transfer. The client can also provide us their FTP information for delivery of files.

Quality Assurance

The goal of the quality assurance team is to ensure that the best attention in quality was given to each and every project, no matter how big or small. If the team finds something that does not meet PLG's high quality standards, they will forward the project back to the project manager for revision to help ensure that it meets PLG standards before it is delivered to the client.


Label Translation Guidelines

We have compiled a set of translation guidelines that are commonly followed for translating content on labels and packaging. To see the guidelines, you may choose to view the flip book below or click on the PDF icon to see the PDF version. There are a few links served in the guidelines that would be better viewed in the PDF version.

Flip Book PDF

Flip Book

PDF Version

PLG Reader™

For more guidelines and topics relating to label translation, feel free to read a few of our PLG Reader™ articles below:

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Client Testimonials for our Label and Packaging Translation Services

Below is what our customers have to say about our label and packaging translation services:

Walmart, Inc

"PLG’s ability to deliver was put to the test and the results have been exceptional. The adaptation agencies, buyers and suppliers alike have expressed their praise to us about your performance. We recognize that what was asked of you was beyond the norm and a simple thank you is not enough...You and the PLG team deserve a long standing ovation for what you have done, without notice and without complaint. "

"Thank you very much for helping us out like this. I would highly recommend PLG as an approved Walmart Translation Resource" – Diana R., Senior Packaging Manager, Walmart, Inc.


"Very quick and polite service." – Julianne K., June 2012

Cats Rule

"Responded quickly and in a professional manner." – Frank C, May 2012


"Quick service and responsive to emails." – Kelly, May 2012

TACT Group Ltd.

"The followings are the reasons we keep the long-standing business relationship: 1. High-quality translations. 2. Rapid response. 3. Reliable cooperation." TACT, March 2012


"Attention to detail was superb. Fast, accurate and very responsive to changes. Our Project Manager, Crista, was excellent to work with. She made this project work so smoothly for us." – Jim B., March 2012

Roskam Baking Company

When asked, "What did you like about our service?", Bill replied: "Friendly. Fast. Accurate. Pricing" – Bill, March, 2012

E.S. Originals

"It's timely and the correspondence with Joanna is always very friendly. Very professional, courteous and expedient."ES Originals, March 2012


"Easy to work with PLG personnel. Products always on time and accurate." – Mass Z., January 2012


"Excellent service and turnaround time." – Anonymous, January 2012

F.A. Edmunds Frames

"I wanted to Thank You for the professional services you provided us in translating our product labels from all English to French. You company did a great of translating the assembly instructions, name copy and size information onto our existing packaging. The work looks great and what we thought would take months, took only weeks. As we add more items to our Canadian sales we will look to your company for future translations" – Jim F., Business Owner

The Philadelphia Group

"We just wanted to take a moment of time and Thank You and everyone at Precision Languages & Graphics for making the job of transitional packaging quite easy. We entered into these projects thinking that they were going to be difficult for us to handle. However, we have found this NOT to be the case at all. You and your people have indeed made this the easiest task possible. You are not only knowledgeable on the translations, but you also have a keen sense of retail. This is indeed hard to find. These conversions will be an ongoing program for us so we look forward to working with you on a constant basis" – David P., Production Dir.

Spellbinders™ Paper Arts, LLC

"Thank you so much for the extra effort. I look forward to doing business with you again soon." – Bonnie