About us


Established in 1994, PLG was founded as a minority-owned business, with a desire to bring affordable, high-quality translations to the market in the Chicagoland area. We began with general and technical translations for just a handful of languages, with clients sending us physical documents via mail to work on. We soon added in-house, multilingual desktop publishing services to complement our translation services. In the 90’s DTP required the use of a ruler, a magnifying glass, and a lot of squinting at an 8inch computer screen. As the business began to grow, we added new languages as well as expanded to add localization services for software engineering, web pages, web-based applications and multimedia (Voice-over, Subtitling, etc.).

In 2017, PLG became ISO-17100 certified, demonstrating our commitment to high quality translations and total customer satisfaction.  


While our translation procedures did not need to be changed in any serious ways to comply with the standard, the process greatly benefited us by offering the opportunity to reflect on our internal structures, areas for improvement, and challenges we have faced.

We have updated and streamlined our internal processes, while keeping extensive documentation and records to continuously improve our staff training for both current and future PLG team members. This will ensure that all our clients continue to receive the best possible service across all projects.

Other industries and services we provide:

Marketing | Label | Technical| Business Cards | E-Learning | Subtitling | Voiceover | DTP Services