Polish is the third most widely used Slavic language after Russian and Ukrainian. As a result of the Polish Diaspora (known as Polonia), large Polish-speaking communities exist all over the world. Some of the largest populations live in the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Whether you need a label or manual translated for your business, your birth certificate for immigration purposes or just about any other translation, PLG has you covered.

Why PLG?

  • Our Polish translators are fluent in both Polish and English and work within a wide range of specialties. You can count on us to deliver low-cost, accurate and culturally correct translations whether it may be for markets in Europe, the Americas or elsewhere.
  • We have an in-house typesetting team. This allows for a quick turnaround, and prompt revisions when required.
  • We are proficient users of industry-leading translation memory software. This means lower costs, faster turnarounds and more consistency for your projects.
  • We are “local”! The largest Polish population outside of Warsaw is located in Chicago. With our close proximity to the city, we love to serve our local Poles in their translation needs.