Subtitling and Voice-Over Services

In a globalizing world companies must continuously strive to offer multimedia content in various languages. This goes beyond brochures, manuals, and even websites, to include marketing videos, training or instructional videos, and similar content that a company may produce for its employees or customers. One specialty service that PLG offers, beyond regular translation, is subtitling and voice-over of video and audio files.

While many people may initially think of Hollywood or the entertainment industry when they think of subtitling or voice-over, our focus is on helping companies communicate with their customers in all mediums and media platforms. 

Having a video subtitled or dubbed with a new language can certainly be a more expensive service than translation of a document, but it can also be an extremely effective way to bring new and important material to your multilingual staff and clients. It also displays another layer of effort and inclusivity to all those who may take interest in your product or services. 

A number of PLG’s customers have taken advantage of our multimedia services, and reached out to their audiences with translated video and audio clips.  We recently assisted a major U.S. based financial organization in adding multilingual subtitles to over two dozen of their corporate education and promotional videos. They have been doing this for a several years, and have found it a very effective means to achieve their business objectives. Another project we worked on was for a technical firm that opted to create multilingual product training videos to improve their training results.   If you would like to take a look at samples of our work in this field please visit and click the “Samples” tab.

If presenting your company in a global light and offering multimedia content in multiple languages is important to you we would be happy to chat further about how we can help! 

Give us a call at 1(847) 413-1688, or email us at today!

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