Canadian Label Compliance

As a Language Service Provider (LSP) we always strive to
provide a one-stop-shop for all of our clients label translation needs. In
addition to our standard translation and typesetting services, we often like to
remind our clients that we offer label compliance review services for those
looking to sell their products in Canada.

Canadian packaging regulations are set by the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act.
These regulations identify the required information to be placed on Canadian
packaging, including ingredients lists, net weight, advertising claims, and
more. There are also strict layout, font size and language restrictions that
apply to your product packaging.

By providing our clients with a review service for this type
of detail oriented restrictions we are able to save you both time and headache
in maneuvering such red tape. Our standard process for helping our clients
become compliant is as follows:

  1. Client sends PLG English artwork files
    of the labels to be compliant for Canadian market
  2. English artwork is reviewed for
    compliance regulations
  3. Changes to English material is made
    either by PLG or the client
  4. English material is translated into
  5. Bilingual artwork is reviewed again
    for compliance
  6. Final edits and changes are made
  7. Compliant label is delivered to the
Mexico, there is no official certificate or other document issues by Canadian
authorities to indicate that a label is compliant. Rather the burden falls to
the manufacturer of the product to ensure they are adhering to any regulations
pertaining to their products. Our finalized work is always compliant to the
best of our professional opinion and expertise.

Let us know about the next product you are looking to
introduce to Canada, and we can discuss our compliance services to streamline
your entry into a new market. 

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