At PLG, we offer more than just translation. We have a full range of capabilities, including multimedia globalization/translation, which means a whole package of services at your disposal.

Today’s Project Highlight features one type of project our Project Managers love to undertake: video subtitling. A recent project involved the Million Dollar Round Table association, a professional association formed almost a century ago to help insurance brokers and financial advisors establish best business practices. MDRT gave us 12 videos to be translated from English into 5 languages: Spanish (for Mexico), Chinese for Mainland China, and Chinese for Hong-Kong, Korean, and Japanese. We have completed similar projects for MDRT for 3 years in a row now.
  1. The key processes for such a project involve:
  2. Transcription of audio content 
  3. Time-coded synchronization 
  4. Embedding the English subtitle into the video for quality assurance 
  5. Translation of the time-coded transcript into required languages
  6. Hardcoding of non-English subtitles to video files (MP4 for example) 
  7. Final quality inspection before file delivery.

Managing such projects require a high level of coordination between the client and all translators involved, as well as knowledge of the most efficient, up-to-date techniques to produce visual rendition of the spoken English version. Displayed below are stills from different versions of the videos.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your business could benefit from our expertise in translation/subtitling.

English subtitles  
Chinese subtitles
Spanish subtitles

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Korean subtitles 

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